I have a faulty item - can I return it please?


To return an item that is faulty/broken is very easy.

Click the Returns Form link on the left of any web page here, and tell us all the details we ask for about the item. If you have just a Magazine at fault and the Airsoft  gun is fine, you can return just the magazine. Always give us plenty of details about the fault, and if it is just a mag you are sending, tell us the name of the gun.

You can request a refund or replacement.

Please do not just send your faulty or damaged item to the invoiced address without your Return ID number, as it cannot be handled in that way, and your BB Gun may end up lost within our warehouse.  We can only accept Returns that are sent via our Returns form that have a Returns ID number attach to it.  This is for your protection so we can monitor and track it.

You can only return a product for these reasons:
- Your product is faulty and is within 28 days of delivery for a replacement.
- Your product is unopened and within 7 days of delivery for a full refund.