SA80 BB Gun

SA80 BB Gun

About the SA80 BB Gun


When you’re looking for an air rifle with the sound and feel of the real thing, the SA80 BB gun should be your first choice. From quality to accuracy, to power, accessories, and safety, the SA80 BB gun has it all.


Quality and Detail


Ranging in price from £19 to £80, with most models under £30, this gun remains affordable while bringing you top-of-the-line quality. The SA80 BB gun is modelled after the British Armed Forces standard issue carbine rifle down to the finest detail. Compared to the M16, this rifle is built with a bullpup design. The gun features a spring-loaded firing mechanism, a realistic feel and sound while cocking, and strong ABS outer parts to make the rifle last a lifetime.


Accuracy and Power


These rifles are highly powerful and, when adding an electronic scope or a mounted light, they will prove extremely accurate for both stationary and moving targets short- or long-range. How powerful is it? The SA80 BB gun can fire single shots up to 300 FPS using a magazine load that ranges, depending on model, from 25 to 400 BBs. This rifle serves well in several functions, from target shooting for fun to real and effective personal defence.




Accessories for this rifle are available and include front and rear sights that can be upgraded to a scope for better accuracy, bottom-mounted torch, carrying sling, two-foot sniper base, and more. The included carry handle is also easily interchangeable. The magazine is weighted and is a hi-cap design, so you will get plenty of shooting time before having to reload.


Safety Function


The SA80 BB gun features a unique safety guard at the trigger. When engaging the safety, it de-aligns the trigger contact. This safety doesn’t only lock the trigger, it also cuts the circuit. This leaves no way for the gun to accidentally fire at all. This double safety feature is just one of the many reasons the SA80 is different from other comparable rifles.


All in all, the SA80 BB gun is a great deal for a quality gun. Moving targets or still, alone or with friends, when used safely, these rifles are lots of fun. Find this gun at and give it a try – it will be your new favourite rifle!

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