Revolver BB Guns

Revolver BB Guns

Snappy Side Arms: Revolver BB Guns


With so many types of BB guns to choose from, revolver bb guns are often forgotten, simply because they lack the fire power of a sleek rifle or the attitude of a semi-automatic. For beginners or hobby shooters who like to take their gun out plinking and for Old West players needing a realistic sidearm, the revolver should not be overlooked as your go-to gun.


A revolver is a pistol with chambers (usually six) that revolve on a cylinder, allowing each chamber and round to align with the barrel and hammer of the gun for firing. This action is what gives the revolver its name.


Endless Options


Airsoft currently models nearly 30 different varieties of revolvers, ranging in price from £30 to £90. Styles range from full ABS plastic bodies to plastic and metal, full metal construction for added durability and weight, and metal guns with wood grips for a very classy look and smooth feel.


Spectacular Specs


Although their smaller size may give the initial impression that the revolver bb guns are somehow weaker than their larger, heavier counterparts, these guns will definitely pack a punch. On the average, the mid-range revolver shoots fast and strong, reaching velocities of up to 425 FPS and distances up to or 365 metres (or 400 yards). You’ll be sure to get some good shooting time in too, as each CO2 propellant cartridge will, depending on the gun and on temperature, power out about 60-90 bb’s apiece.


Airsoft revolver bb guns are repeatedly ranked high on accuracy. With an optional laser sight which can be attached to most of the revolvers, your target shots will be spot on! The best thing about the bb revolvers is that when you want to practice targeting, you can use these guns for a fraction of what you would pay for ammo and time at the regular gun range. Every bb gun fan should include a revolver in their collection for fun and sport.

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