P90 Airsoft

P90 Airsoft

The P90 Airsoft Gun Is Worth Every Penny


The P90 is a one-of-a-kind tactical personal defense weapon with an unmatchable look, price, and spec set. The folks at www.obbg.co.uk did it again with the KING ARMS P90. This beauty of a gun was designed for close combat situations. The style is unmatchable. It has a brilliant blue finish and a black top that would look good as a showpiece in your home.


At least, if you are serious about shooting as a hobby, it’s a price you won’t mind paying. For some novices, a more modestly priced and lesser-featured gun would be more appropriate.


The fire selector, magazine catch, and cocking handle were designed too be operated ambidextrously. It comes with dual side rails and a top rail for mounting and accessories. And, the receiver is constructed out of top-quality internal parts to ensure its durability and shooting power. When you order from the website, the package comes with a 300 rounds magazine.


One customer said that the gun rocked, that it was very durable, and that it was very accurate. He was one of the many customers who gave it a five-star review. He also said that it had a great FPS and rate of fire. Another customer said that it was an awesome gun and very fun to use.


Interestingly, the P90 was the gun used throughout most of the Stargate SG-1 series, and all of Stargate Atlantis. This gun is a star of the silver screen, and it’s a gorgeous frame definitely makes it more appealing on the TV.

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