M16 Airsoft

M16 Airsoft

M16 is the representative airsoft gun that is used by the US military in modern times. Due to its popularity it has been produced in large numbers. On offer with various price tags and designs, it comes in electric, gas and spring models.  These airsoft guns are easy to use for shooters that are just learning and also have enough power to satisfy high-end shooters that have a lot of experience with airsoft. If you are looking for a great value at an affordable price then you came to the right place!


M16 Airsoft Guns


Airsoft guns are made for the sole purpose of offering shooting fans a fun shooting experience and the manufacturers understand well the need for a rush of adrenalin that comes with the shooting experience. In an attempt to make the experience as real as possible to customers they have come up with a variety of M16 airsoft models to meet the needs of experienced shooters. SRC, A&K, and Cyma all offer various models of the M16 airsoft and all offer a wide range of specifications and high quality shooting capability.


M16 Airsoft BB Gun


You can purchase an M16 airsoft gun from OBBG.co.uk which offers models that are made by several different manufacturers and are packed with features.  These powerful weapons come with standard features like 25-27 round magazines with 200+ reservoirs, 3 point retractable stocks, durable design specifications and even optional scopes for accurate targeting. Some of the advanced models even come with a bipod attachment for the barrel which gives it the capability for use as an accurate sniper like rifle.


Replicated after the popular military style M16 weapon, the airsoft M16 is sure to get you excited about your shooting experience in a new way. Browse through the models available, choose the one that fits your airsoft style the best and get ready for a truly exciting experience like none other.

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