Desert Eagle BB Guns

Desert Eagle BB Guns

The Big Bang – Desert Eagle BB


Are you looking for a BB gun that packs a huge punch? Look no further because the Desert Eagle is exactly what you need. This gun is mean and not for the faint of heart. Not only is this one of the larger sidearms, but it has an incredibly strong kick when fired. What makes the Desert Eagle so unique is the ability to use it as a main weapon, unlike most pistols.


Monster in Your Hands


The Desert Eagle guns carried are all gas-powered, which is where the blowback and recoil come from. This means gas cartridges will be consumed faster, but that’s the tradeoff for a gun that reflects the real one so closely. The price on them ranges from £100 to £200, which makes them one of the most expensive pistols to buy. This is a gun for those with experience who can easily adapt to the large size and heavy blowback.


A Lethal Combination


Despite the recoil, the accuracy of the Desert Eagle is very high. You will need to learn to adjust to the recoil, but once accomplished, the competition will be toast. And it expels rounds at the same speed as rifles, helping establish the deadly force of the gun. However, it is still a pistol, so the accuracy is only effective in short-range situations.


The Gun with Star Power


The Desert Eagle is used widely in movies by those who are feared and respected. The British gangster bullet-tooth Tony uses one in the movie Snatch and it is the firearm of the agents in The Matrix. Few guns can boast the power, reliability, accuracy, and mobility offered by the Desert Eagle guns offered on our site. And it’s great for anyone seeking the authentic recoil of firing a gun. Buy a Desert Eagle BB gun and start dominating today!

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