Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft Sniper Rifles Feel like the Real Thing


With so many options available in Airsoft sniper rifles, there is one for every purpose, every shooter and every budget. Prices and models come in a wide range from the £30 MK51 bolt-action all the way up to the £350 Cyma M14 EBR Electric rifle, which is sure to generate some envy.


Airsoft is a brand that can be trusted to bring high-quality workmanship with realism that is second to none. No matter which model you shoot, the same standard will be seen through all of them. With weighted bodies and magazines, realistic feeling actions, powerful kickbacks and distinct sounds, you’ll feel as if you are brandishing the real weapon.


For the serious shooter, Airsoft sniper rifles are available in premium gas-powered rifles. These offer absolute pinpoint precision for both still and moving targets. For the beginner or hobbyist, there are plenty of affordably priced bolt action, spring-powered guns.


Power and Durability


Power is never a problem with these rifles, as the FPS rates start at around 300 and max out with some serious firing power at over 1,000 FPS. These guns are built to last too. Even at the lower end, external parts are manufactured of super-strong APS plastic, which holds up to years of use. The higher-end rifles feature all-metal construction with imitation wood details. All models are specially weighted to support their use and give the guns an authentic feel compared to the real thing.


Easy to Accessorize


Accessories available to Airsoft sniper rifle owners make it easy to customise your weapon. Available accessories include cheek pads with ammo compartments, burst packs for added power, bipods, scopes, front and rear sights, torches, slings, grips, flash hiders, rail guards, lens shields, recoil power kits and so much more.


Airsoft sniper rifles are guaranteed to bring you many hours of shooting pleasure, and with all the available levels of power, performance and customisation, you’ll never regret owning one!

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