Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui

The Tokyo Marui Airsoft Range

One of the most popular BB guns widely used by airsoft gun enthusiasts is the Tokyo Marui Airsoft Range. It is a pistol design style weapon and it certainly has an intimidating appearance to say the least. They have powerful weapon which also has a reputation for being accurate and extremely durable during heavy firing sessions.


Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Airsoft


There is a particular desert eagle airsoft model is one of the most realistic due mainly to the fact that it has a very realistic hard kick-back. Tokyo has been in the market for a long time and produces quality weapons at a very affordable price. You won’t be disappointed and I would venture a guess you will be pleasantly surprised at the power of this gun the first time you fire off a few shots! The Desert Eagle fires at over 330 FPS and is loaded with features and specifications normally only found in models that are much more expensive. Do not wait to get your Desert Eagle and feel the power!


Features of the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle.

-1:1 Scale
-Comes with a realistic feel and look
-Excellent capacity with a 27 round magazine
-Realistic gas blow back action
-Hard kick
-Full metal Slide
-Extended barrel
-Barrel length of 37cm
-Adjustable hop up system


Based on the testimonials of many satisfied customers it can be safely concluded that the Desert Eagle is a truly amazing weapon that offers a lot of capability for the money. The superior features of this gun along with its realistic look and feel make it a great investment. Hence for all the airsoft enthusiasts who have been quite unhappy with the other versions of available on the market, the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle is undoubtedly a product that they will simply love as are the rest of the Tokyo Marui Airsoft range.

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