ICS Airsoft

ICS Airsoft

Features of ICS Airsoft Guns

BB guns are air guns designed to shoot using carbon dioxide cartridges, spring and air. All these enhance their ability to shoot. The guns are appropriate for those who want to improve their shooting skills and ability to handle weapons. An airsoft gun is designed to shoot projectiles that are spherical in shape and its pellets are able to shoot at up to 480ft/sec. On the other hand, the ICS Airsoft range, just like the BB guns use pellets.


We specialise in Airsoft guns and BB guns. Through our website we provide a variety of these guns and descriptions of how they work. With the capacity to offer hundreds of BB Guns, we are one of the largest sites in the UK and ensure we maintain top level customer service and provide high quality guns. When choosing whether you want a BB, ICS Airsoft, Desert Eagle or any other related gun, one should contact us for assistance if there are questions or concerns that you need addressed.


ICS Airsoft Specs and Features


ICS is an airsoft friendly gun, attractive and with a functionality that is easy for the user to learn. The M4 is designed with split gearbox, has a spring release and is easily customized. The ICS GLM is comparatively lighter with easy winding and loading. ICS products fire at 360-390 FPS, are accurate and save on their batteries. Their parts are compatible with other industrial standards making them easy to maintain.  There is a wide variety of models to choose from that will fit your shooting needs if you are an expert or novice shooter.




ICS Airsoft provides high quality, accurate and affordable options for airsoft enthusiasts in the UK and around the globe. If you need assistance in choosing the right gun please contact us or have a look through our site to see hundreds of different models to choose from.

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