HFC Airsoft

HFC Airsoft

Ho Feng Corp Airsoft, more commonly referred to as HFC Airsoft, is a Taiwanese manufacturer of spring and gas powered guns. They offer a wide variety of available products spanning from pistols to rifles. HFC Airsoft craft high quality airsoft weapons in the two tone style of production. In addition to high quality, amazingly accurate replicas of real weapons, HFC Airsoft also manufacture airsoft specific weapons which have no exact counterpart in the world of live ammunition.


HFC Airsoft


HFC Airsoft offers a variety of intriguing and highly functional products. Unique items such as their German Gas Sniper Rifle feature a wood-feel grip and exacting detail given to replica reproduction. Fans of the hand cannon aesthetic will love the HFC HG-133 "Dirty Harry," a classic six shot, fully functional gas revolver which packs quite a punch.


Ho Feng Corp Airsoft


HFC's commitment to crafting high quality weapons really shows in their quality, durability and the sense of realism every time you fire one. Items like the HFC HG-203 Machine Pistol offer an amazingly realistic experience of weapon handling and firing without the use of live ammunition at an extremely affordable price. For less than £90 HFC manages to provide a stunningly exact replica of a real machine pistol equipped with detachable mock plastic silencer.


Cheap HFC Airsoft


Quality engineering and clever business acumen has allowed HFC Airsoft to keep its prices low and its quality high. They produce stunning replicas as well as remarkable original ideas. Their production base in Taiwan helps to keep the end price low to the customer, but compromises nothing in the quality of the product. HFC Airsoft guns are prized by their owners for use in airsoft sports like skirmishes, even for use as self or home defense should a situation necessitate.


HFC Airsoft Guns


HFC offers a wide variety of quality, durable products. They feel realistic in your hand and powerful when fired. Holding an HFC Airsoft gun gives you a sense of heft and responsibility for the power within. Equipped with high quality metal and plastic parts, each HFC Airsoft gun is a marvel in engineering and efficiency.

Firing an HFC Airsoft gun is all it really takes to become a fan. Their wide range of products at affordable prices makes them accessible for any airsoft enthusiast, be them an old hand or a complete virgin to the sport. HFC provides something for everyone with their stunning array of products.

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12 inch Stick Target
12" Stick Target! Fire pellets at the target and will stick after some time automatically the pel..
Beaver Metal Pistol Gun M9 HG-160
  The new HFC HG 160 is full of new features that are not commonly found on airsoft gas ..
GAS Pistol with Extended Barrel HG-125
HFC HG-125 Gas Pistol (Extended Barrel) is very well constructed Gas Pistol from the Famous HFC. ..
HFC G26 Glock Gas Blow Back Pistol with Case
HFC G26 Glock Gas Blow Back Pistol with Case is a G18/G19 variant. Full metal construction with S..
£118.80 £62.49
HFC HA-124 Walter 'James Bond' with Silencer
HFC HA-124 Walther PPL Style BB Gun made from very strong ABS, it includes fibre optic sight and ..
HFC HG-106 Gas Mini Pistol
HFC HG-106 Gas Mini Pistol, Great mini pistol, company and good abs built quality. Also it weighs..
HFC VSR11 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
HFC VSR11 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle has a very similar design to the TM VSR-10 sniper rifle. Adjus..
Long Barrel Hand Gun (Silver & Blue)
A very nice quality heavy Airsoft Spring Pistol from HFC, With a long Barrel and Unique Silver an..
Smallest Pocket Gas Gun Pistol! HG-107U
For those that want the most compact Airsoft gas pistol there is, this is what you are looking fo..
The British Army Carbine Rifle Shorty HA-211UB
The British Army Carbine “Shorty”. This is definitely a very high quality gun, and very accur..