Cyma Airsoft

Cyma Airsoft

Cyma Airsoft BB guns are one of the best made and smoothest operating recreational weapons available on the market today. They make pistol and rifle style models and offer a wide array of features that come with each different model. Let’s take a brief look at some of the particular models that Cyma offers airsoft enthusiasts.


Cyma Airsoft Gun


The Cyma MP5SD6 Airsoft EBB AEG gun has a velocity of 390 FPS at a range of 170 to 180 feet. Its Magazine Capacity is 200 rounds and has a length of 20 inches, which can expand to 29.5 inches. It has a battery power source and has a full metal upper receiver. It has an attractive, sleek appearance and would make a great choice for an experienced or novice airsoft fan.


Cyma Airsoft Models


Another Cyma model is the Cyma M14 sniper Rifle Airsoft AEG wood; this is a sniper rifle with a barrel length of 15 inches. This gun’s magazine holds up to 400 rounds and shoots at 350 FPS at a range of 160-180 feet. It has a simulated wood stock and is powered by a battery. It sports a realistic look and is extremely accurate.


Cyma Airsoft Rifle


The Cyma AK47 RIS Tactical Airsoft Rifle is a fantastic weapon and has a magazine of 600 rounds that shoots at 370 FPS. The range of this gun is 160 to 170 feet and has a barrel length of 16.5 inches; its total length is 34 inches. This gun has an integrated rail hand guard with a reinforced polymer receiver.


Then there is the Cyma CM057A AK Dragunov AEG Sniper Rifle, this powerful gun has a velocity of 400 PFS at a range of 180-190 feet. The full length of the gun is 46 inches and it has a magazine capacity of 80 rounds. This Cyma gun has a metal receiver with reinforced polymer hand guard and stock.


It is important to know what kind of BB gun will fit your needs and Cyma is sure to offer a model that will provide a great shooting experience.

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