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Ares Airsoft

No one can argue the thrill of shooting an Ares BB gun. The adrenaline rush that this sport provides is truly an amazing experience! But playing with BB guns and using them safely is very important is so it is important to know how they work and what each model is capable of. This will benefit both the shooters’ enjoyment and their safety at the same time. So before we get into the specific models and different types of BB guns, let us understand how BB guns work.


Ares Airsoft Guns


Basically the idea behind firearms is they create a small explosion behind the projectile that will push the projectile out with great force in a certain direction. BB guns work pretty much the same way, although instead of an explosion it is either compressed gas or some form of pressure that produces the force. There are a lot of different types of BB guns, and Ares Airsoft specifically provides many different types of BB guns. To break it down more there are Electric Rifles, gas powered guns and spring action guns, plus a lot more.


Ares M4 CQB S-Class Electric


Let’s talk about a specific electric powered rifle, the Ares M4 CQB S-Class Electric. This gun is made by Ares and has a magazine capacity of 330 rounds. It is made from aluminum alloy and is 688mm in length. It weighs 2.5 kilo’s and has a metal barrel lock. This is a beautiful gun that has front plus rear sights and fires at 350 FPS. This weapon is very accurate, lightweight and easy to use.


The M4 S-Class Electric is one of the many high quality BB guns that Ares offers and all of the Ares models are a good value and affordable. If you are a shooting enthusiast you are sure to find a great airsoft weapon in the Ares line. Take a few minutes to review the Ares models on our site and pick the gun that suits your recreational needs the best!

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